Friday, May 27, 2011

Get yourself into the mood. Set the tone of the atmosphere before letting your mind wonder. You must clear the palette before you paint!

  "Why does my Muse only speak when she is unhappy?
She does not, I only listen when I am unhappy
When I am happy I live and despise writing
For my Muse this cannot but be dispiriting."

                                           ~Stevie Smith 1902-1971

                   O0oCarpe Diem*o0O

      Strange, I thought muse was more of an inspiration. Turns out there is a lot more behind the meaning. Ever wonder where thought comes from? Or how improvisational musical lines are spouted out amlessly along a predetermined beat, rhythm and in most cases melody. For example, I like to think of a lead guitar lick as a brand of improv and so, then and extension of my mind, thoughts, and feelings. This all comes down to relate with how we communicate, and express ourselves to others. So lets break this down literally so that I may understand what I've just written

Creative Thoughts
       Thoughts come to us in bundles. Like large immeasurable surges of stimuli that we shape our emotions around understanding, communicating, and manifesting actions and ideas. When a large amount of thought bundles arrive to our little processing brains, we put it in order and use language to convey them. We think as we talk, and we think before we talk. Some of us are good at talking as we think. Hence the phrase "foot in mouth" haha....
       One could then ultimately say, that anything we creatively think therefore undefined language. It's some intangible thing we have no mechanical understanding of origin. Like a ghost, or God. We are so archaic we haven't really understood what it is, yet it is. Definitively, we understand our thoughts before they are made into words. We learned language, so it seems to be a "connector" or "link" between thought and other things. Language, is slower than thoughts ( obviously) and less accurate.

Prehistoric Art of Language
      Language, is an art. Bashed into perfection and diversity. Punched through the beginning of time as we know it, and made now into something far far beyond a science. A class we attend (most of us) for many years. practiced every waking hour. Every dreaming eternity. Lasting until those brief seconds after we die. Our mind fissles out in seconds as we relive our lives and everything once again before we pass on.Communication is only one step away from thought. Now......Lets Talk Rock'n'Roll   >:~)

Soul of Rock'n'Roll
     Robert Plant, and Jimmy Page sat down with each other and created classic rock music. THEY OWNED IT TOO! Original improvisation artists of music. Solo guitar licks like no other. Stemming from a moment of abstraction. "to reflect (about) or ponder (on), usually in silence". It all started with The Muse. We think in an undefined language, which in turn goes into a translater to speak. Heretofore, when we create music it is the closest extension of our thoughts. It IS a language in itself, and can be recognized as one in many current guitar, and other instruments. (especially folks like Page, Clapton, Garcia, "The Bird", BB King....OMG don't make me keep listing them)

Listen Man...
       To be a successful songwriter you have to be good at interpreting your creative thoughts into the art as it's happening in real time. A muse is folk lore for a moment when you are "at one with the song" . A hot moment of inspiration. There is a certain finesse about communicating what you are thinking, and for some it's easy. For others, it's learn-able. I claim NOT to be a master in said art, nor a successful musician by any means. These are my opinions, and thoughts. What do you think about all that I've said? Do you feel like playing solo guitar is like expressing your emotions or thoughts? Both? What advise would you have in relation to this topic could you provide to young songwriters?

* Carpe Diem
1817, from L., "enjoy the day," lit. "pluck the day (while it is ripe)," an aphorism from Horace ( "Odes"  I.xi), from PIE *kerp-  "to gather, pluck, harvest."   *
** Muse
1.     to reflect (about) or ponder (on), usually in silence
2.     ( intr ) to gaze thoughtfully
3.     archaic  a state of abstraction
[C14: from Old French muser,  perhaps from mus  snout, from Medieval Latin mūsus ]  **

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*** Assuming we all know music has always been a rip, off of a rip, off of a rip off.  :)  Everything. "darwinism" music theory if you will...might be a fact, idk

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