Sunday, May 29, 2011

The "key" to changing the way you've written a song

      Vocal Tonality an Issue?
 Take a finished song. Let's say it's in the key of E. Your voice may waver on some lower notes of a melody. It may strain to hit higher notes as well. One way to get the most out of your vocals is to change the key you sing the song in. Another is to change the actual melody of the vocal line.

Change the Songs Key
       Changing the key of a song can be more beneficial because you have less of a chance of changing the way the song is designed to be heard. Often times it's easy to add a capo to a fret and tada! You have an even better sounding vocal line. The melody remains the same. And the way the song is heard remains the same.
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Try a Different Vocal Melody
       Changing the vocal line by singing an intended harmony to the melody. You can then add the melody as a lead guitar lick in the song. The method could certainly lead to more options to either complicate the song. Or make it to busy and erratic. You don't want that to be the majority of the song. It can drive away listeners. It would do this by bleeding through the catchy hooks and melody parts.

Listen man
      Listen, these are just a few tidbits of helpful ways to get a better sounding voice with the songs you write. Most of the time when I write a song, it starts with a chord progression. Then, a melody will pop out. After that, I feel an inspiration to give the song meaning by writing words. Usually, we don't think about the range our vocals can perform to it's highest potential.

     What are some ways you begin writing a masterpiece? What do you try when putting words to a song? Do you ever have second thoughts about how your vocals sound? Tell me what you think. One songwriter to another, I could use some tips myself and encourage and comments you have to share. Til next time, Rock On!


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