Thursday, June 9, 2011

Top 10 Places to Play Music in St. Louis

These great places are in no particular order. I have a personal affinity for Broadway Oyster Bar, Llywelyn's Pub, Old Rock House, Off Broadway, and The Warehouse. They are more geared toward softer music, and lounge/pub kinds of music.

The Pageant, and Pops are for bigger events. National bands, and touring bands play there all the time. However they do have local band night at Pops and they are open 24hours. The Pageant is not.

I've only been in the others (Firebird, The Duck Room, and Felix's in Dogtown a few times each. They have rock bands play mostly. I like the Duck Room for the simple fact that Chuck Berry, The Rock Legend, plays here once a month. That, is cool!

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