Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to Put Your Songs on Youtube

There is a simple way to add music to any of your profiles, blogs, or on your song list. The easiest way is to: 

  • create a Youtube account.  
  • Then download windows movie maker. It's free. 
  • Then, you just open the program
  • Make a video or slideshow
  • Over dub it onto your music file. mp3 of course.
  • Then save it to your computer.
  • Upload the saved file to your youtube account.

There you have it! A URL, or embedded HTML to add your song to any of your profiles or

You can upload a video to your bloggspot.


You can insert the HTML code provided by your YouTube account

I think the direct HTML code is the better quality choice between the two.

There are other ways to play music from your website or blog. Adding a music player is another perfect way to have your songs on your webpage. I'll go over how to install and add a music player in another post soon to come. Thanks for reading!

Leave a comment. Tell me what you think of this song.

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