Friday, June 17, 2011

Writing Music With Style

Hello again. Think of music like some people think of writing an essay. When we were taught early on to write our papers, one idea we were presented with was the "Story Map"

 Most other ways of creative thinking fall into this format. Broken down into many sections so details can essentially be displayed in such a way as to create a layered effect. Where the main characters would be so detailed, yet the setting could imply a different interpretation of the characters otherwise.

Also, what happened to the "Where's Waldo" books? Talk about a strange book indeed! The main character stays the same. The setting changes every page. The problem is that you don't know where Waldo is. I would wager a guess and say that the story event is dependent upon the "reader." Every reader has a different outcome, and the end is....The End.

Writing music is NOT writing music, but words, and perhaps a story to captivate the listener.

How is the story told?
How does it make you feel?

There are so many clues in Pink Floyd's work. They were subtle, yet busy. When they wrote music together angels wept! Herds of antelope and buffalo ravaged the streets! Pink Floyd's music has simple pauses, long symphonic drone techniques. Many times with angelic oohs and aahs. Check out David Gilmour's blog!

Write A Hit Song
For love of pete! Write a hit song will you! Of course! I'll get right on that! 

Yes! DO write a master piece! Here's how to do it. You take yourself and place it in position then....
  1. Fill in the spaces in the story outline above.
  2. Choose a musical mode for the story to be sung over.
  3. Write the music ( that's all on you)
  4. Then write a rythmic and catchy melody using your story map.
After you've got your words and music pretty well aligned. Then you can begin to play it at an open mic night or two and see what folks think.

One Thing to Keep In Mind

Actually, a few things but it's easy to keep in mind. 
  1. Make sure to keep the music simple (i.e..not too much lead in the rythme, not too many notes)
  2. Think of the song/story as a roller coaster. (i.e.. Begin high, middle is slow/low, end is big finish/loud) Using dynamics to keep your music pulsing.
  3. Be wise with your words. Sometimes funny phrases like "All aboard!!!   AHAHAHAHAHAHAA" can be phenomenal, or flop. Obviously Ozzy was phenomenal. Especially with a little echo, or delay ;)

Got Any Songwriting Tips?
 I'd love to hear what other ideas you may have. Tell me what techniques you use when you're have writers block. Do you have writer's block? Me neither, but some do. And, some write a song in minutes. Writing music is the last "magic". There are still songs to be written. Never think that all the songs are now made, and there are no more. Sometimes it's easy to feel that way when you're stuck in a rut, or need help writing a song.

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